Ink Guardian Tattoo Aftercare is 100% natural. Enhances the appearance of your tattoo, protects your tattoo from bacteria and accelerates healing.

How Ink Guardian Works

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Ink Guardian provides relief for the heat and itchiness of new tattoos. It reduced the flaking and I had no scabbing at all. Plus, it revitalises the colours of my tattoos as an occasional moisturiser.


Used a lot of tattoo aftercare products before and would highly recommend Ink Guardian. Non oily, easy to apply balm which lasts the entire day, keeping your new tattoo safe and fresh. No itching, no scabbing, great product.


I used Ink Guardian for my recent tattoo, As soon as I applied it I found that it took away any itching or dryness caused from the healing process. My tattoo has healed quicker and has maintained it’s colour beautifully.


Tattooing Process

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